Main Contributing Faculty:

James Anderson: Computational models of perceptual and cognitive processing with an emphasis on distributed architectures.

Sheila Blumstein: Speech perception and language processing in damaged and intact brains using neuropsychological, neuroimaging, and behavioral methods.

Philip Lieberman: Speech perception and production using neuropsychological and behavioral methods, as well as the study of the evolution of language based on evolutionary biology.

Michael Tarr: Visual shape and object perception using neuropsychological, neuroimaging, behavioral, and computational methods.


Cognitive neuroscientists at Brown are studying questions in perception, language, memory and action using a wide variety of techniques, including neuropsychological patient studies, event related potentials (ERPs), functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), and neural-net simulations. As part of the rich Brain Science community at Brown, cognitive neuroscience is closely allied with both lower-level (e.g., neurophysiology) and higher-level (e.g., behavioral studies in normal populations) approaches. Indeed, the Brown cognitive neuroscience research community is unique in the degree to which interaction occurs across a wide array of problems and methods on a day-to-day basis.

We offer a wide range of courses that touch on issues central to the study of cognitive neuroscience. These include introductory courses on topics such as language, perception, and computation, as well as advanced seminars and labs on specialized subtopics such as "Language and the Brain", "Subcortical Brain Bases of Language and Thought", "Visual Cognition", and "The Evolution of Perceptual Systems".

Relevent Faculty:

Elie Bienenstock (Applied Mathematics)
Michael Black (Computer Science
Rebbeca Burwell (Psychology)
John Donoghue (Neuroscience)
Ben Greenberg (Psychiatry)
William Heindel (Psychology)
Laurie Heller (Psychology)
Ben Kimia (Engineering)
David Laidlaw (Computer Science)
Michael Paradiso (Neuroscience)
Jerome Sanes (Neuroscience)
David Sheinberg (Neuroscience)
Andrea Simmons (Psychology)
Leslie Welch (Psychology)


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