$10/hour compensation, studies typically last 60-90min.
You must be 18 years of age or older.
You must have normal or corrected vision.
You must have no physical injuries.

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The VENLab is a research facility designed to study problems related to perception and action, with an emphasis on the visual control of locomotion and navigation. This work has a wide range of applications including robotics, computer animation, architecture and the design of navigation tools like GPS.
Welcome to the Virtual Environment Navigation Laboratory!

"Virtual Reality in Motion Analysis to Characterize Disabilities in Limb Injury”

Collaborative Project with The Gait and Motion Laboratory, Providence VA Medical Center and Brown University

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"The Sayles Swarm"

"To determine how crowd behavior emerges from individual actions, William Warren, professor of cognitive, linguistic, and psychological sciences, assembled his own crowds and engaged them in an unusual four-day experiment in Sayles Hall. The subjects were equipped with motion capture markers affixed like antennae to bike helmets."

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