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Lab Members
Katherine Demuth is interested in the factors that influence the course of language acquisition.

Jae Yung Song is interested in various phonetic and phonological factors that affect children's production of words. She is currently working on the acoustic properties of the input young children hear, and how this impacts the process of vocabulary development. Erin Conwell is interested in what children know about words and the ways they can go together. She is especially interested in what older babies and toddlers understand about verbs and the way verbs determine what kinds of sentences they can be used in. Eon-Suk Ko is interested in prosody, laboratory phonology, and corpus linguistics. At Brown, she is working on the acoustic properties of children's speech and motherese using speech corpora such as the Providence corpus.
Melissa Kline works on young children's productivity with intransitive verbs, and is generally intrigued by language acquisition and related cognitive development.
David Ellis is currently investigating the prosodic, phonological, and syntactic constraints on children's productions of Sesotho noun class prefixes. He is also interested in all things Finno-Ugric and morpho-phonological.
Alissa Cerny is a human biology concentrator investigating presence of Sesotho subject, object, and tense markers. Dayna Cueva Alegria is a graduate student in Linguistics who is currently working on Sesotho morphology.  Her interests include phonology, semantics, and Latin American indigenous languages such as Quechua.

Alumni and Visitors
Liz McCullough
Lab Manager '06-'07
Grad Student, OSU
Christelle Dodane
Visitor '06
University of Montpellier 3
Matt Adamo
Lab Manager '05-'06
Claartje Levelt
Visitor '05-'06
Leiden University
Jenny Culbertson
Lab Manager '04-'05
Grad Student, JHU
Margaret Kehoe
Assc. Editor, Journal of Child Language
Sandile Gxilishe
Visitor '04, '05
University of Cape Town
Annie Tremblay
Visitor '05
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Chloe Marshall
Visitor '05
Postdoc, University College London
Isabelle Darcy
Visitor '05
Postdoc, University of Potsdam
Amanda Beaucage
Lab Manager '03-'04
Speech Pathologist, RI
Cecilia Kirk
Postdoc '02-'04
Postdoc, University of Canterbury
Manuela Barcelos
Lab Manager '01-'03
Christophe dos Santos
Visitor '03
Grad Student, University of Lyon 2
Yvan Rose
Postdoc '01-'02
Memorial University of Newfoundland
'Malillo Machobane
Visitor '00
National University of Lesotho
Francina Moloi
Visitor '00
National University of Lesotho