Principal Investigator

David Badre
Position: Associate Professor (Department of Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences)
; curriculum vitae



Post-Doctoral Fellows

personal photo of post-doc Apoorva Bhandari

Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate
; curriculum vitae



Research Interests: I am interested in how people rapidly learn the structure of complex, novel tasks. I am using novel behavioral and computational methods to probe subject's knowledge about structure as they are learning the task. 


personal photo of post-doc Theresa Desrochers

Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate
; curriculum vitae



Research Interests: I am interested in sequences and sequence learning. I completed my PhD in Neuroscience at MIT studying habit formation using multi-electrode recording techniques in the non-human primate. Here in the Badre lab I use fMRI and TMS techniques to investigate how people acquire, control, and perform sequences of tasks.


Graduate Students

Ceyda Sayali
Position: Graduate Student (Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences)
Email:; curriculum vitae



Research Interests: I am interested in the cost associated with performing an effortful task. Although it sounds intuitive to prefer using a calculator rather than performing a long series of multiplications, what makes us avoid such demanding tasks? Is cognitive effort intrinsically costly? If so, how do we integrate this cost into the valuation of tasks? In my studies, I am trying to specify the cost function for mental effort and explore the neural signatures of this cost/benefit analysis.


patti shihPatti Shih
Position: Graduate Student (Neuroscience)
Email:; curriculum vitae




Lab Manager

Brittany Ciullo
Position: Lab Manager




Undergraduate Students

Celia FordCelia Ford
Position: Undergraduate Research Assistant




Sarah MasterSarah Master
Position: Undergraduate Research Assistant




Amanda Ruggieri
Position: Undergraduate Research Assistant




Lab Alumni

Jason Scimeca (Graduate Student) contact: | Post-doc at UC Berkeley

Kerstin Unger (Post-doc) contact: | Post-doc with Michael Worden at Brown

Justin Cox (Post-doc) contact: | Data Scientist at Kemper Corporation

Chris Chatham (Post-doc) contact: | Neuroimaging Lead at Pfizer

Chris Gagne (Lab Manager) contact: | Pursuing PhD at UC Berkeley

Jennifer Barredo (Graduate Student) contact: | Pursuing post-doc at Brown

Erika Nyhus (Post-doc) contact: | Assistant Professor at Bowdoin College

Lauren McShane (Lab Manager) contact: | Junior Data Scientist at Deloitte Digital

Ilke Oztekin (Post-doc) contact: | Assistant Professor at Koç University

Nicole Long (Lab Manager) contact: | Post-doc at University of Oregon


Former Undergraduate Collaborators

Sara Palasits

Jonathan Nicholas

Kathryn Graves

Ryan Fugate

Rebecca Zak

Ria Vaidya

Ashley Wu

Lucy Duan

Perri Katzman

Caryn Cobb

Carolyn Ranti

Kieran Alessi

Jamie Brew

Zack Bornstein

Zeynep Gungor

Priscilla Mok

David Pagliaccio

Monica Rosenberg

Matt Scult



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