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Welcome to the Badre Lab!

The Badre Lab studies the neural systems supporting the cognitive control of memory and action. The lab employs cognitive neuroscience methods including behavioral testing, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), computational modeling, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), and testing of patient populations.


Recent Events and Presentations

David Badre's Recent and Upcoming Talks:

September 15, 2017- New York University

September 18, 2017- University of Texas, Dallas

October 6, 2017- Dartmouth University

October 11, 2017- Control Processes Meeting

November 2, 2017- Harvard University

February 15, 2018- University of California, San Diego

March 19, 2018- Dresden, Germany

Posters at Cognitive Neuroscience Society Meeting, Boston, March 24- 27:

Avi Vaidya: Mechanisms for sampling distinct memory stores during decision- making

Cedya Sayali:Investigating the cost of cognitive effort