Research Areas
Linguistics and Language Processing
           Acquisition of Language
           Computational Linguistics (Natural Language Processing)
           Speech Perception and Production
           Syntax and Semantics

Cognitive Science
Categorization Cognitive Neuroscience Judgment, Decision Making, and Learning Neural Models of Cognition and Language Visual Perception and Action

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Departmental Labs and Research Groups

3D Visual Perception Lab
Auditory Perception Laboratory
Brown Laboratory for Linguistic Information Processing
Causality and Mind Lab
Child Language Lab
Cognitive Control and Memory Lab

Ersatz Brain Group
Infant Perception Lab
Language Comprehension Lab
Semantics Research Group
Sloman Lab
Speech and Psycholinguistics Laboratory
Tarr Visual Perception Lab
Virtual Environment Navigation (VEN) Lab

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Interdisciplinary Programs for Graduate Training

Brain Sciences Program (Burroughs Wellcome and NSF IGERT Programs)
Computational and Mathematics of the Mind (NSF IGERT Program)

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