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Child Language Lab at Brown


Lab Members
Rachel Karen
Dr. Jae Yung Song is interested in phonetic and phonological factors that affect children's production of words and morphemes, including the acoustic properties of the input young children hear, and how this impacts vocabulary development.
Dr. Rachel M. Theodore examines spoken language processing, focusing on the perceptual abilities that underlie sensitivity to fine phonetic detail and how such phonetic variation manifests in the speech signal. Currently, she is conducting experiments that explore phonetic and phonological factors that contribute to variability in children's early productions of grammatical morphemes. Karen Evans '09 studies the acoustics of child speech and pronoun reversal in precocious talkers. Melanie Cabral's research interests lie in cognitive development and how children learn all that they do.
Jill Lopez Miranda Vitorla
Jill Thorson is interested in intonational phonology and first language acquisition, specifically the intersection between the acquisition of intonation and semantic meaning in early speech development.

Melissa Lopez '11 is interested in studying phonology, though she'd like to learn more about all aspects of the field.

Miranda Sinnott-Armstrong '11 studies child phonology and is interested in topics in sociolinguistics.

Matt Vitorla '11 has been studying child language acquisition and is also interested in L2 learning and historical linguistics.

Elana Heidi  
Elana Kreiger-Benson '11 is interested in bilingual and second language acquisition. Heidi Jiang '11 is interested in child phonology and speech production. Clara Kliman-Silver '13 is interested in comparative linguistics, acoustic analysis, and second language acquisition.  

Alumni and Visitors
Matt Masapollo Matt Masapollo
Visitor '08, '09
University of Michigan

Sara Weschler
Student '08- '09
Brown University '10

Jeremy Kuhn
Student '08-'09
Brown University '10

Meghan Patrolia
Student '08-'09
Brown University '10

Dustin Foley
Student '08-'09
Brown University '09

Melissa Kline
Student '06-'08
Grad Student, MIT

Alissa Alissa Cerny
Student '07-'08
Brown University '09

Erin Conwell
Student '03-'08
Postdoc, Harvard

Eon-Suk Ko
Visitor '06-'08
SUNY Buffalo
Dayna Cueva Alegria
Visitor '07-'08
Grad Student, University of Illinois
David Ellis
Undergrad '03-'07
Software Engineer, Facebook
Liz McCullough
Lab Manager '06-'07
Grad Student, OSU
Christelle Dodane
Visitor '06
University of Montpellier 3
Matt Adamo
Lab Manager '05-'06
Grad Student, University of Michigan

Claartje Levelt
Visitor '05-'06
Leiden University

Jenny Culbertson
Lab Manager '04-'05
Grad Student, JHU
Margaret Kehoe
Assc. Editor, Journal of Child Language
Sandile Gxilishe
Visitor '04, '05
University of Cape Town
Annie Tremblay
Visitor '05
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Chloe Marshall
Visitor '05
City University, UK
Isabelle Darcy
Visitor '05
Postdoc, University of Potsdam
Amanda Beaucage
Lab Manager '03-'04
Speech Pathologist, RI
Cecilia Kirk
Postdoc '02-'04
University of Oregon
Manuela Barcelos
Lab Manager '01-'03
Christophe dos Santos
Visitor '03
Postdoc, University of Nijmegen
Yvan Rose
Postdoc '01-'02
Memorial University of Newfoundland
'Malillo Machobane
Visitor '00
National University of Lesotho
Francina Moloi
Visitor '00
National University of Lesotho