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Katherine Demuth

Katherine Demuth

Professor Demuth has moved to the Centre for Language Sciences (CLaS) at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia!

Her web page can be found here.

The Child Language Lab will be closing in June, 2010.

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About the Lab

Research at the Child Language Lab explores how children learn language. Much of this work focuses on teasing apart the biological and environmental contributions to language learning. Studies of both English and other languages (Spanish, French, Sesotho) provide important evidence for understanding the mechanisms involved in how language is learned. These studies examine both the acquisition of specific linguistic structures as well as the nature of the input that children hear. Some of this evidence is drawn from longitudinal corpus studies of children's spontaneous speech productions. This is complemented with experimental comprehension/production and acoustic studies to more fully address the nature of children's developing phonological, morphological, and syntactic representations, and how this is represented in normal, delayed, and bilingual populations. We are especially interested in making predictions about the course of language development, and in developing a better understanding of the factors that contribute to within and between speaker variability.


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